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Tarle Speech and Language Accent Training products were developed for people with foreign accents. Our Child Speech Services focus on early intervention therapy, parent coaching, and  training classes. An emphasis is placed on teaching parents and family members. Customized training is available in Chicago or via web-based training.

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Accent Training


Click here for our downloadable Accent Training Products, tailored to people with foreign accents.

Free Videos

Check out our video library of the most commonly mispronounced words or challenging sound combinations. Fast, informative and free!


We provide customized pronunciation training in Chicago. Web-based classes for out of town or international clients are also available. Click here to schedule!

Child Speech Services


These products are tailored to busy families who want their child to achieve their potential. Click here for our informative “Help Your Child Talk” digital download.

Free Videos

These short videos are an introduction to educating parents and caregivers on how to help a child on a daily basis.


Early Intervention Therapy, Parent Coaching, and training classes are provided in the Chicago Metro area. We place an emphasis on teaching both parents and family members. Click here for more information.

Find out more about the Tarle Speech & Language iBook!

The Tarle Speech & Language iBook series is a complete guide to speaking English clearly and correctly. Our digital guide will help you understand how to pronounce difficult sounds, words, and phrases allowing you to communicate clearly with any English speaker. Embedded audio and video is available to help keep you on track.

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